Workplace, Health & Safety


We engage your workforce to take personal responsibility for safety.

Through a combination of WH&S training, mentoring, and monitoring programs, we help you drive positive change in your team's behaviour towards safety. 

Our unique ability to integrate safety systems into every phase of your project is just one reason why our clients choose us.

Railway Engineering Project Management


We manage engineering disciplines for track, electrification, signalling, communications, station construction, civil and power supply systems to provide greater certainty of delivering your project on time and within budget.

Our consultants understand the requirements of planning and working within a rail orientated environment.


  • Concept / Design / Construction Interface

  • Customised WHS Consultation

  • Rail Safety Management Systems

  • Managment Plans

  • Behavioural Safety Programs


  • Project Management

  • Safety Communications

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Fitness for Work

  • Incident and Rail Investigation

  • Training & Assessment

  • Risk Management

  • Return to Work coordination


  • WHS & Quality Auditing

  • Site Compliance and Inspection

  • Project Close-Out

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Design Interface

We provide railway infrastructure engineering support from early concept design to detailed design and safe execution.

Feasibility & Planning

We provide procurement and bid team railway engineering support during the tendering process to help you win the project.

As a specialist in railway systems, we help you plan the most flexible methods to construct rail infrastructure so that you can quickly adapt to any unforeseen challenges.

Permanent Way

Our railway engineers provide construction solutions for mainline, heavy haul, depots, sidings, tunnels, viaducts, bridges, metro, tramway and stations. 

We operate strategically to identify ‘whole-of-asset-life’ cost savings for your project, as well as tactically to ensure on time, safe delivery.

AT Consultants understand the key drivers in the rail industry and are able to apply this knowledge into a safe and deliverable programme tailored to your needs.

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